• Provides non-overt identification of students that are on free or reduced lunch status
  • Provides accurate accounting of money paid into the program by students and adults
  • Informs students as they pass through the lunch line if they have a low or negative balance
  • Provides account information emails or notices
  • Gives an accurate list of all who ate meals on a given day
  • Gives a class list and a balance of all accounts at any time
  • Gives a daily record of money deposited
  • Keeps a daily balance of each lunch account
  • Minimizes the risk of losing lunch tickets or money
  • Prevents free tickets from being sold
  • Ensures that free students get only one lunch per day
  • Enables free students to deposit money in their accounts for รก la carte purchases
  • Provides daily and monthly reports
  • Provides a history of student activity
  • Provides a year-to-date history of student account
  • Seamless integration of family accounts

Overt Identification

During the operation of the program there is no need to identify students by their status. Fellow students are unable to identify the status of another student, yet the status of any student is accessible to the proper personnel at any time.

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