What to do first

Before doing anything else, certain default information needs to be established, and entered into your program. How you choose to input data into the preference section, will determine how the program functions for your schools. The PREFERENCES window consists of a tab panel that offers several options to customize SL to serve your schools needs. Any of these options can be entered and changed at any time.

  • Begin SL by double-clicking on the SL application icon or shortcut.
  • Under the DATA ENTRY menu choose Preferences, or click PREFERENCES button in the Command Center.
  • On the left side of the PREFERENCES window tab panel is the GENERAL Preferences tab which shows as the default when opened.


Saving Preferences

All preferences are saved when the PREFERENCE window is closed. Preferences can be changed at anytime. When a change is necessary, enter the PREFERENCE window, make changes and they will save upon closing the window.

Printing Preferences

Preferences can be printed out for you to have handy by selecting the PREFERENCES REPORT item option from the REPORTS menu. A standard print dialog box will appear and your preferences report will be printed to your system default printer. The message will not be printed with the report.

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